Virginie Moreau, Cédric Poitevin et Jihan Seniora ont contribué au dernier numéro d’Arms Control Africa, périodique édité par l’Institute for Strategic Studies, par un article intitulé “Improving arms transfers controls in French-speaking Sub-Saharan African states”.

Résumé (en anglais) :

It is very difficult to accurately assess the role played by Frenchspeaking Sub-Saharan African states in the international arms trade, because information on this subject is disparate and incomplete. Although it has been established that these countries import military material, figures on their production capacity and exports are particularly scarce. It is likely that, on a global scale, the quantity of these transfers is insignificant. However, some of these transactions have had and continue to have significant ramifications on regional security and socio-economic development. These countries have also frequently been at the centre of irresponsible or illegal transfers, including exports and re-exports at the regional level. The irresponsible transfer and excessive accumulation of conventional weapons by certain states, combined with the fact that these arms are sometimes diverted to inexpedient recipients, have undeniably affected the security and socioeconomic situation in the region and will continue to do so. In order to face these challenges, efficient mechanisms to control arms transfers are needed. However, a closer look at national regulation, legislation and procedures in French-speaking states in Sub-Saharan Africa highlights the long way ahead to establish transfers control systems up to speed with the current international and regional arms situation.


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