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Ben Cramer holds a degree in Peace studies; he studied first poleomology and then defence sociology at « l'Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales » and at Bradford Department of Peace Studies. In 1985, he published a report on the militia force in Switzerland, prepared for “la Fondation pour les Études de défense nationale” (Foundation for the national defence studies).  He published both in “The Ecologist “and “Science & Vie” and contributed to a work on American bases in Europe (‘The Sun Never Sets’). With the former chief editor of « Projet », he wrote on the defence spirit, reported on the conference on chemical disarmament for ‘Témoignage Chrétien’ and published with the late Paul-Marie de la Gorce in « Médecine & Guerre Nucléaire », not forgetting articles for ‘Utopie Critique’.  

He worked for “Courrier International” (“Veille Diplomatique” column). In 1992, he was in charge of the disarmament issue at Greenpeace International. He then took part in a 13-minute documentary project “La face cachée de la Bretagne” on an island “Ile Longue”, commercialised by “Impossible Production” society and shown at Lille “Festival International des Films sur l’Environnement”.   After that, he produced the show « Fréquence Terre » between 1996 and 2002 on RFI (Radio France International) and contributed to publications of the AFD (« Key Player's Views »).  Besides, in September 2012, he was chosen by the Peace and Human Security Media Festival in New York for his talk with Ted Taylor in the show « Voices ».  In addition, he contributed to A.M. Sacquet’s World Atlas of Sustainable Development, published by “Autrement”.  He presented SBS – Special Broadcasting Service, Sydney.

In 2002, he wrote  « Le nucléaire dans tous ses États – Les enjeux nucléaires de la mondialisation » published by Alias Editions. He then sought to popularise the concept of « ecological security » - as a lecturer, a consultant for Green Cross International on securing nuclear and chemical disarmaments and as a reporter. He wrote indeed a book on waste disposal in the ground project in Bure (« La descente aux enfers » (Descent into Nuclear Hell) co-author C. Saïsset, Esprit Frappeur editions, 2004).  As soon as 2008, he co-hosted the first debate on « Collective Security and Environment » in the European Parliament. The same year, he joined a think tank on the fight against the nuclear proliferation, within the framework of « Centre d’Étude et de Recherche de l’Enseignement Militaire » (CEREM).   He is a research fellow at CIRPES and an associate researcher at GRIP. Under the aegis of the International Peace Bureau in Geneva, he published in 2009 « Nuclear Weapons; at what cost?” for an action with the NGO “Frères des Hommes” which campaigns for “Désarmer pour combattre la pauvreté” (Disarm to combat poverty) with Ekta Parishad in India. The book was later translated into Finnish. He contributed to two GIPRI publications, the latest being published in summer 2013. Since 2011, he has taught geopolitics of sustainability as part of a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Social and Economics Science in Paris.   


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