The EU and its member states in the Sahel, presence and action modes

In the Sahel, there are threats and natural resources. So many reasons that lead some states to rush to the area and to engage in economic competition. But it's mostly security concerns and the urgent need to create a real dynamic of development and resilience in populations that led some European States to increase their presence and to encourage the EU to mobilize its broad ranges of tools in all fields of actions. Because they are well aware that their bilateral actions are no longer sufficient, EU Member States organize themselves with the partners’ assistance who are ready to financially or logistically support their actions in Sahel countries. But the EU remains the primary driver of EU Member States’ actions because of the efficiency it is supposed to generate.

This Note is adapted from the book "Europe has an idea, et alors ?" from Sven Biscop andAlexander Mattelaer, published in December in the series "The Ashgate Research Companion to the Foreign Policies of Europe" 

(Crédit photo: The EU Strategy for Security and Development in the Sahel – An indicator for the future of EU External Action