Reisenfeld Alain

Alain Reisenfeld is the documentalist and librarian of GRIP.

From the mid-00s’ onwards, he has been in charge of the GRIP’s documentation centre. He has chosen PMB, a fully featured open source integrated library system. Because of his job as a documentalist, he uses the technologies of Information and Documentation (I&D). The documentation centre is also opened to a broader audience.  Alain Reisenfeld strives to keep abreast of his colleagues’ areas of research: security and defence in Europe, in Africa and other parts of the world; conflicts prevention and management; developments of conventional armament and weapons of mass destruction; proliferation and arms control, arms industry... He is GRIP’s representative for the European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (EINIRAS).

Alain Reisenfeld holds a Master in International Relations at REPI-ULB (2009). Prior to it, he studied journalism (ULB) and worked in the fields of insurances, culture and press offices. He joined GRIP in the 90s’ and has followed several training programmes in the field of I&D since then.  He is a member of the Belgian association of Documentation.

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